Manage your job scheduler in APEX

But everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way.1 Corinthians 14:40

Monitoring your scheduler jobs in APEX is not something new. There have been many discussions on how to implement this on various sites. Some of these sites have brilliant and straight forward approach. I encourage you all to visit them: Oracle Scheduled Job APEX Dashboard by Amanda Walsh and DBMS_SCHEDULER examples by Tobias Arnhold.

Oracle 10g includes scheduler package DBMS_SCHEDULER that replaces and extends the functionality provided by the DBMS_JOB package. However, jobs is still considered the core functionality, but there are various other components available in the new scheduler package.

This is my take on the jobs scheduler in APEX. It is a simple job scheduler management tool. The reason why the simple job scheduler was built, was because I needed something to monitor the jobs and its previous runs. It is called simple because it supports only dbms scheduler jobs. There is no involvement with job class or scheduler programs or any other features provided by Oracle.

This small application contains two pages and small Oracle package that acts as an mediator for managing jobs. There is a page that provides an overview of all your jobs and a page for maintaining your jobs.

The overview of jobs lets you see in birds eye view all the active and inactive jobs as well the previous run state. Scheduler Overview

The job detail page supplies functionality such as add, modify and remove jobs. It also enables users to view the previous runs and its status.
Scheduler Job detail

Scheduler Job Logs

These pages are designed in such a way that it can easily be imported to any project. There is no external images nor style used aside from what is already available in standard apex installation.

Check it out in GitHub! If you have any question just let me know!

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  • Scott Chapin

    Just want to say thanks. Found this and made my life a bit easier. Had to debug a bit (change schema), but saved me much time. Thanks :)

    • Ajin Man Tuladhar

      Hi Scott, I’m glad it helped!

  • Petter

    Hi, nice application! In my situation I have one schema for the Apex user and two separate schemas where the scheduler jobs are defined. I would like to manage the jobs from the Apex user schema. Do you have any input on how to solve that?

    • Petter Lennartsson

      Granted alter on scheduler jobs to Apex user and changed from user_scheduler_jobs to all_scheduler_jobs

  • ee20 kh

    i want to learn creating jobs as well as curious to know its actual application in development. Can anyone suggest any resource that will be beneficial for a learner like me

  • Harish Vijayakumar

    The link seems to down, can anyone share a working url or point to somewhere where there is similar material.

    Thanks a ton in advance.!!!

  • Steve Evans

    Excellent! Only recommendation (5 years later) is to change single reference of apex_util.string_to_table to apex_string.split for Apex 19.2